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Woman fears boobs will fly out and ‘poke someone in eye’ in extreme cut-out top

Alexis has been fearing for her boobs after she tried on an extreme cut-out crop top from Shein that certainly put her busty chest on display – she has now gone viral on TikTok

A woman has feared her boobs with ‘fly out ‘with one wrong move after wearing an extreme cut-out crop top.

Alexis decided to purchase the halter neck top that reveals the cleavage after another woman claimed it was suitable for those with curves.

However, on arrival of the brown top from Shein, Alexis said that she had a “bone to pick” as her blessed chest was not quite secure in the boob displaying number.

The design of the top quickly went from very risqué to extremely risky in Alexis’ case as she tried on the garment.

And, she has now gone viral on TikTok for her very brutal review of the fast fashion attire.

woman with boobs on show with hand on head
Alexis felt mislead from the previous woman who tried on the top (Image: raveholo/TikTok)

In the clip that has racked up 116,000 views, Alexis first showed part of the clip showing the other woman in the breast accentuating top.

Alexis then gave her own verdict, said: “Ok bestie, I have a bone to pick with you because you said it was ‘big cherry friendly’.”

The babe then leaned back to show her chest was just about concealed in the cut-out crop top – and she did not look too impressed.

“One false move and I will poke an eye out, can you imagine me walking outside like this?” Alexis continued.

woman showing boobs in crop top
Alexis started to come round to the idea of wearing the plunge top (Image: raveholo/TikTok)

She gasped and put her hands on her head as she attempted to come to terms with the design of her top.

The Tiktoker said: “I don’t even want to move or talk too hard because my t***y gonna fly out and knock somebody out.

“Y’all don’t even understand the malfunction that occurred trying to put it on.”


@raveholo #stitch with @itsnanacastro don’t mind my hair… it’s been a rough day. But I’m sorry bestie I’m suing you for lying to me like this😭 #shoppingfail ♬ She Make It Clap – Soulja Boy

Despite her initial reluctance to wear the top, Alexis started to come around to the idea of wearing the very boob displaying top.

“I might still do it though, with some tape. I’m gonna Gorilla glue this s***”, she joked.

And, it seems that many people are in support of Alexis and her ‘cherry’ flaunting attire.

One person commented: “I don’t see the issue.”

Another user added: “You will get married in the morning if you go outside.”

While a third person gasped: “You gonna clap twice and BAM.”

Someone else chuckled: “I’m willing to go blind in one eye.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user giggled: “At least they got room to breath…”



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