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Woman slammed for wearing ‘inappropriate’ towel bra to Disney – but hits back

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Rainey wore a “Towel Bra” to Downtown Disney and faced backlash from online viewers who called her “attention-seeking”

A woman was criticised for wearing a “skimpy, inappropriate” outfit to a Disney theme park.

She was spotted strutting her stuff in a Disney car park – but hit back at trolls after being accused of attention seeking.

Disney fan Emily Rainey posted a video on TikTok last month showing her Cinderella-inspired outfit.

She wore a halter-style lounge bra, which appeared to be made from towel material, and pastel blue skinny jeans.

Her post, which has reached over 16.5 million views, shows the 25-year-old striking a pose in heeled boots.

She carries a mini backpack as she walks across the car park.

As Emily ditched wearing a top in favour of the “boob towel” – and many viewers were shocked by the bold outfit choice.

Some were quick to point out she would be banned for entering Disneyland in that outfit or that she’d be asked to cover up in a T-shirt.

“You realise Disneyland is a family place right?” one said.

A second mocked: “Give me attention!”

“Disney is full of kids though, so save that for your parties,” another wrote.

And a third added: “I don’t have an issue with the skimpiness, it’s just that’s a towel, not designed to be worn out of the house… equivalent to wearing a robe to Disney?”

Emily told Daily Star that viewers had it all confused and said she was not even in Disneyland.

She said: “The internet got angry because I was ‘going to Disneyland’ and the ‘poor children’… in reality I was not going to Disneyland.. I’m actually not even in the Disneyland parking lot, it’s the Downtown Disney lot!

“I go there often because I live only 40 minutes away and I love Disney!”

Emily explained she went to Downtown Disney that day to film for some video content, as well as meeting up some friends for dinner.

“No one was in the parking lot! Once I got into the shade and closer to Downtown Disney I put an open-front sweater on as well,” she added.

“The videos were taken in areas where there were no children in front of me so that I didn’t make parents feel too uncomfortable and I mostly didn’t want to upset women that were with their boyfriends or husbands.”

As a big fan of Disneyland, Emily understands the dress code for entering the theme park.

“If I tried to wear this into the park they would have given me a different shirt to wear,” Emily said.

“Their [Disneyland’s] policy doesn’t allow ‘too much skin’ to be showing. Girls are given shirts typically if they wear cropped tops that are too short or too low-cut.”



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