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Woman who started sex bucket list shares ‘life-changing discovery’ that boosted sex life

When Layla London decided to draw up a bucket list of sexual goals, she knew she would discover some new interests.

But the businesswoman has recalled how focusing on herself helped her to explore an unexpected kinky fantasy.

Layla came to the decision that it was time for a drastic change after three and a half years without sex left her facing burnout. So, she swapped her high-powered job for a quest to tick off her sex bucket list.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Layla explained how this journey had evolved into inviting the men she slept with onto a podcast interview for a post-coital performance breakdown.

And, during the chat, the businesswoman also admitted there was one discovery that had surprised her the most on her sexual adventure.

“I would have to say my complete and utter love for BDSM. It was never on my radar before,” she confessed.

Layla London

“Living it with a partner and connecting on that level with somebody… whoa. It will blow your mind, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had, hands down.

“It’s just weird that that’s the vehicle that really got me to connect deeply with somebody during a sex act.

“This isn’t just good, this will blow your mind, your body is doing things you didn’t even know it could do.”

Reflecting on why she had found playing around with domination roles in the bedroom so unexpectedly exciting, Layla suggested that it might be the result of her high powered job.

“I never let go of control in any area of my life ever before that, so this was a big jump for me,” she laughed.

“The Pitbull in panties, the control freak, was like nobody told me what to do… Except you can in the bedroom if you have permission.”

There had been some moments where the sordid reality of her escapades failed to live up to expectation, though.

For instance, Layla admitted that her first time at a sex party had been strikingly unglamorous.

“I thought it was going to be all these beautiful people like Hollywood, because it was a masquerade ball… I’m thinking we’re going to this beautiful castle on the hill, and we roll up to the suburbs,” she recalled.

“These people had done a total takeover of their home, even their kids’ bunk beds were covered in plastic.”

But, not one to say no to an opportunity, Layla described how she pushed her concerns to the back of her mind, and relaxed into the experience, even finding that she enjoyed being watched while she took part in the events.

“I discovered how much I liked the attention on me, which I never thought I’d like… People used to say, ‘are you an exhibitionist?’ and I’d go, ‘ew, no’. But I really got off on it,” she explained.

Layla launched the Curious Girl project almost six years ago – despite her initial intentions that it would last for a year – and she admitted that she is now looking ahead to how it might evolve in the future.

“This model isn’t sustainable on its own, because it relies on me getting out there and creating stories, and experiencing these experiences,” she observed.

“Every year it changes, and it grows and it evolves… I did have an idea that at some point maybe I’ll pass the torch.

“Maybe I could have three curious girls, go back a generation, and after a certain amount of time they pass the torch, and we keep it going that way. That way I can keep my finger on it and keep it growing.”



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