World Most Expensive Cake: The Most Expensive Cake That Resembles One Famous Celebrity

World Most Expensive Cake: If you remember viewing a $1 million wedding cake from Dubai, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy Debbie Wingham’s (an English cake designer) latest creation. Debbie received an order from a woman who looks like Kim Kardashian’s girlfriend. For her birthday, her boyfriend wanted to surprise her. We believe he got it right.

Most Expensive Cake In The World

The birthday girl’s face and figure are almost identical to Kim Kardashian’s, according to the designer. As a result, the cake looks like both women. Debbie made her cake with rice krispies, marshmallows, 6 kg (211 oz) chocolate, and 15 kg (530 oz) icing.

Like Debbie’s wedding cake, this creation was as tall as the girlfriend and copied all of Kim Kardashian’s and her doppelgänger’s attributes. And the black icing ensemble resembles a suit worn by the star at NBCUniversal in 2017.

Most Expensive Cake

The face was constructed via 3D printing, and the only difference between it and Kim’s image is the contour of the chin. Even the tiniest touches matter: manicures, cosmetics, and even sugar eyelashes. Except for the diamond jewellery, the entire cake was edible.

It was the diamonds that caused the cake to be so expensive: it cost $1.2 million, breaking Debbie’s previous record. This wonderful marvel took the designer ten days to create. She also made a regular cake, which we’re sure was just as delicious as its huge sister.

That’s how Debbie, the cake’s creator, and the cake look together. Debbie did her best to take into account all of Kim’s and her doppelganger’s characteristics, which are both fairly small. In any case, the consumer was ecstatic.

What a shame that Kim’s hubby didn’t think of it first. Debbie expresses her desire to make a replica of Kim and her sisters. We’ll have to wait and see whether it happens. For the time being, we’ll continue to admire the work of the British designer and, of course, keep you updated.

Finally, let’s look at the wedding cake we discussed earlier.

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