‘World’s hottest traffic warden’ starts selling sexy snaps and they’ve already been leaked

Mum-of-two Daniela Gaviria has earned the coveted title of ‘most beautiful’ traffic warden after turning heads on the street. Now she’s started a racy new side hustle

Daniela Gaviria, OnlyFans, mum, traffic warden, Colombia, nude, naked
Daniela Gaviria’s got fine written all over her (Image: Jam Press/@dany06g)

A mum-of-two who’s been hailed as the “most beautiful” traffic warden has started a very racy new side hustle.

Daniela Gaviria, 29, from Pereira, Colombia, has been turning heads as she parades the streets dishing out tickets for unruly parkers. While some traffic wardens have a tendency for rubbing motorists up the wrong way, Daniela’s 300,000 plus Instagram followers think she’s got fine written all over her.

After adoring fans hounded the star to get her kit off online last year, Daniela said that she had no plans to make any spicier content. But on Tuesday (November 28), the gorgeous warden decided to capitalise on her new-found fame and started posting pictures on a racy adult site.

The single mother, who has a son aged nine, and daughter, six, caught the attention of the modelling world and cashed in on her popularity with a host of brand partnerships. Daniela dazzles her fans as she candidly flaunts her stunning curves in tiny outfits, lingerie and bikinis.

Daniela Gaviria, OnlyFans, mum, traffic warden, Colombia, nude, naked
Daniela has been turning heads on the street with her stunning looks (Image: Jam Press/@dany06g)

Now, she’s joined OnlyFans, charging $20 (£16) per month, and promises to “delight” subscribers with her sultry snaps. Despite only joining the site three days ago, the brunette beauty has already posted a whopping 31 times to her page, at the time of publication.

One Instagram follower claimed that some of her content has already found its way across the web including the Columbian stunner in a skimpy thong with her bottom in the air.

Daniela Gaviria, OnlyFans, mum, traffic warden, Colombia, nude, naked
The traffic warden entered the world of adult content creation on Tuesday (Image: Jam Press/@dany06g)

“The most beautiful traffic officer in Colombia has opened an OnlyFans account,” they wrote with glee after stumbling across the X-rated pics which have surfaced online.

Despite her notoriety, and extra cash bound to be in her pocket for her family, the last year hasn’t been easy for Daniela, after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in October 2022.

Daniela Gaviria, OnlyFans, mum, traffic warden, Colombia, nude, naked
After initially saying OnlyFans wasn’t for her, she’s now joined the racy site (Image: Jam Press/@dany06g)

She claimed that she has progressive systemic sclerosis, or scleroderma, which is a rare condition which causes the hardening and tightening of the skin, according to Mayo Clinic.


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