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The Rock’s daughter to wrestle in WWE under the controversial name: Ava Raine

They say there’s no two without three. Nor three without four, in this case. And in the Johnson family they applied the saying all the way. Simone Alexandra Johnson, daughter of wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, will be part of the WWE.

Fourth generation in werstling

The Rock’s daughter will be the fourth generation of the family to go into wrestling. She is also the first woman to take the step in a nucleus marked by the presence of wrestlers.

Through her official Twitter account, Simone Alexandra announced what name she will use as a wrestler from now on. The daughter of the former wrestler and now actor will take the name of Ava Raine.

A nickname change on her social networks was the definitive clue. Wrestling fans saw the arrival of a new promise eager to continue a beautiful legacy.

“High Chief” Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, The Rock and now Ava Raine are the four generations that were (and are) part of the world of wrestling and Wrestling.

Criticism of the name change

Many fans did not understand the reason for the stage name acquired by the young woman. Some fans complained that there was no relation to her father’s stage name.

To these criticisms, she responded: “I don’t understand why people being portrayed as individuals separate from their last name is such a hot topic. A name does not discredit any previous achievement of any family”.



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