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Yessma web series actress name list with photo’s and profile

Yessma Series is an Indian regional language OTT platform that is known for releasing Malayalam language web series and short movies. It is available for Android and IOS platforms users. Till now Yessma series released many short movies and web series in different genres like drama and romantic web series. We are listing here Yessma series actress list and web series and short movies list.

Yessma Series actress name

Amalu Yessma

amalu yessma series actress

Amalu Yessma series name :

Diya Gowda(kadeeja)

Diya Gowda Yessma series actress

Diya Gowda Yessma series name : Pal Payasam & Ladies Hostel

Vaiga Vaiga

Vaiga Vaiga yessma series actress

Vaiga Vaiga Yessma series name :Paal Payasam

Mariya Rose Varghese

Mariya Rose Varghese yessma series actress

Mariya Rose Varghese Yessma series name : Selinte Tution Class

Anjana Angelina

Anjana Angelina yessma Series actres

Anjana Angelina Yessma series name : Nancy

Aadithya Raj S

Aadithya Raj S yessma series actress

Aadithya Raj S Yessma series name : Hot stone

Kadeeja Shareef

Kadeeja Shareef yessma series actress

Kadeeja Shareef Yessma series name :Paal Payasam

Varshini Saira

varshini sairam yessma series actress

Varshini Saira Yessma series name :Hot Stone

Sajnaa Saaj

Sajnaa saaj yessma series actress

Sajnaa Saaj Yessma series name :Nancy

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