You can apply for Malaysia’s RM2,400 electric motorcycle rebate starting this month

Announced during the tabling of Budget 2024 in October, the government’s electric motorcycle incentive scheme will be available for eligible individuals to apply starting this month. This was announced by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in parliament on Wednesday, according to Bernama.

As a recap, the programme, now called the Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme, will provide buyers of electric bikes with a rebate of up to RM2,400 to encourage them to switch from petrol bikes. These individuals will need to have an annual income of RM120,000 or less (i.e. a monthly income of under RM10,000) to be eligible.

When can I apply for this rebate?

United TX-Series electric motorcycles, scheduled for release in Malaysia in early 2024

Anwar did not provide any details when he brought the topic up, which happened during his presentation of the Supply Bill 2024 for its second reading in Dewan Negara.

However, at the launch of the Smart #1 last week, Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) Tengku Zafrul Aziz said the government will announce details of the scheme on Friday, 8 December. It is likely this will coincide with the opening of applications.

This incentive is meant to boost the usage of electric vehicles in Malaysia, in line with the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) that, among other objectives, aims to boost the market share of electric bikes in Malaysia to 80% by 2050.

Government welcomes TNB, Gentari, Tesla EV charging investment

Anwar added that the government welcomes Tenaga Nasional (TNB), Gentari and Tesla Malaysia investing RM170 million to install 180 EV charging stations in Malaysia.

“In line with the NETR, the government is providing an easy financing fund of RM2 billion for the national energy transition plan,” he said.

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