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Keir Starmer Names New Cabinet: Reeves as Chancellor and Rayner as Deputy PM

Today, Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, announced his new cabinet. This news comes after recent changes in the political landscape. Starmer’s choices reflect his vision for the party and the country. In this article, we will look at the key appointments and their significance.

Rachel Reeves as Chancellor

Rachel Reeves has been named the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. This is a major position in the government. The Chancellor is responsible for the country’s finances. Reeves will manage the economy, public spending, and taxation. Her appointment shows Starmer’s trust in her capabilities.

Reeves has a strong background in economics. She has served as the Shadow Chancellor and has extensive experience in financial matters. Her main focus will be on improving the economy. She aims to create more jobs, reduce inflation, and support small businesses. Reeves is expected to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Keir Starmer Names New Cabinet: Reeves as Chancellor and Rayner as Deputy PM
Keir Starmer Names New Cabinet: Reeves as Chancellor and Rayner as Deputy PM

Angela Rayner as Deputy Prime Minister

Angela Rayner has been appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister. This is a significant role in the cabinet. The Deputy PM assists the Prime Minister and takes on important duties. Rayner will be a key figure in the government, supporting Starmer in implementing policies.

Rayner has been a prominent figure in the Labour Party. She has held various positions, including Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Education Secretary. Rayner is known for her strong leadership skills and dedication to social justice. She is expected to play a crucial role in the new government.

Other Key Appointments

Starmer’s new cabinet includes several other important appointments. Each of these members will have specific responsibilities. Here are some of the key names:

  • Lisa Nandy as Foreign Secretary: Nandy will handle the country’s foreign relations. She will work on international policies and strengthen diplomatic ties.
  • Wes Streeting as Health Secretary: Streeting will oversee the National Health Service (NHS). He aims to improve healthcare services and address issues like staff shortages and waiting times.
  • David Lammy as Home Secretary: Lammy will be responsible for internal affairs. His focus will be on crime prevention, immigration, and maintaining public order.
  • Anneliese Dodds as Education Secretary: Dodds will manage the education system. She plans to work on policies that improve schools and universities.

Significance of the New Cabinet

The new cabinet reflects Starmer’s vision for the country. He has chosen individuals with strong backgrounds and expertise. This team is expected to bring new energy and ideas to the government. Each member has specific goals to achieve.

Reeves, as Chancellor, will focus on economic growth and stability. Rayner, as Deputy PM, will support Starmer in various capacities. Nandy, Streeting, Lammy, and Dodds will handle key areas like foreign policy, healthcare, internal affairs, and education.

Challenges Ahead

The new cabinet faces several challenges. The country is dealing with economic issues, healthcare concerns, and social problems. The government needs to address these effectively. Here are some of the main challenges:

  1. Economic Recovery: The economy needs to recover from recent downturns. Reeves will work on policies to boost economic growth and create jobs.
  2. Healthcare Improvement: Streeting must address the problems in the NHS. This includes reducing waiting times and improving patient care.
  3. Crime and Public Safety: Lammy will focus on reducing crime rates and ensuring public safety. He will also work on immigration policies.
  4. Education Reforms: Dodds will aim to improve the education system. This includes providing better resources for schools and universities.

Public Reaction

The public reaction to the new cabinet has been mixed. Some people are hopeful about the changes. They believe that the new team will bring positive results. Others are skeptical and want to see how the new policies will be implemented.

Reeves and Rayner have received a lot of attention. Many people are optimistic about their roles. They believe that Reeves will handle the economy well and that Rayner will be a strong Deputy PM. However, there are also concerns about the challenges they face.


Keir Starmer’s new cabinet marks a significant moment for the Labour Party and the country. With Rachel Reeves as Chancellor and Angela Rayner as Deputy Prime Minister, the team is set to tackle major issues. The appointments show Starmer’s focus on economic recovery, healthcare improvement, public safety, and education reforms.

The new cabinet members bring experience and expertise to their roles. They face many challenges but have the potential to bring positive changes. The public is watching closely to see how they will perform.

This news highlights the importance of strong leadership and effective policies. It is a crucial time for the country, and the new cabinet has a big task ahead. We will keep you updated on their progress and the impact of their work.

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