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Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 6: Meet The Singles Ready To Break Lana’s Rules (With A Twist!)

From Bri to Demari, here are the 10 singles that are returning to the next hot season of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

A new batch of hot singles are back on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle and are ready to turn up the heat. The sixth season of the reality show is returning to the screen on 19th July. But this time, Lana will welcome the contestants with a twist as the season’s cast will know that they won’t be allowed to engage in any sort of physical intimacy, unlike the earlier seasons. But this is Lana. We can’t expect her to be so smooth with the cast, and we don’t know if this twist comes from the Bad Lana or the Good Lana. Well, yes, there will be two Lana’s this year and this season is going to be really hot to handle. Let’s check out all the singles heading for the upcoming season.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 6
Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 6

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The 26-year-old Bri from Atlanta, USA, is a model. As per Netflix, “This American stunner wants to visit Lana’s retreat to test if she can “take dating seriously”, but is she ready for the hard work ahead? As a model and avid photographer, Bri is used to being in the centre of the action. However, Lana will need to unleash some intense workshops if Bri is to stand any chance at focussing on herself so someone has a chance of capturing her heart.”


Charlie is from Kent, UK, and Model. As per Netflix, the 21-year-old is a “saxophonist” and “is bringing saxy back! With brains and brawn on his side, Charlie is most people’s cup of tea. He was Head Boy at his high school, so Lana may be fooled into thinking she has found someone who wants to follow her rules. Will Charlie be her star pupil, or has the retreat got a new class clown?”


The 24-year-old Manchester Hunk is a model and “is up for the challenge of seeing which matters more to him: money or love (or lust)! He values both and thinks he’s ready to take on Lana. This model has travelled all over the world but has never stayed in one place for long enough to establish a meaningful connection. Outside of the retreat, he’s used to playing chess and playing with girls’ hearts, but can Lana help find this Nigerian King his Queen?”


Demari is a Stockbroker from Indiana, USA, and the 27-year-old “has always strived to do his best at whatever task he’s set his mind to. He’s a stockbroker by day and a model by night, and he is used to being surrounded by hoards of hotties. Lana will need to suss out what matters most to Demari, such as being the best rule breaker, best retreat accountant, or the best version of himself. Lana, brace for impact, six pack with brains incoming!”


This young 21-year-old Arkansas single is a University student, and this “may come as a surprise to some that Gianna spent a lot of her childhood on her grandma’s farm in Missouri milking cows. Now, the dancer is ready to twirl straight into the retreat, but she will try and avoid a dance-off with Lana at all costs. Gianna is typically impulsive and gets bored of the chase quickly. However, how will this Arkansas dancing queen manage when Lana forces Gianna to stay in one place at the retreat and confront feelings head-on?”


Joao is an artist from Brazil, and the 22-year-old “is used to living in the fast lane. He has the same pink guitar as Machine Gun Kelly, and much like his idol, he’s entertained a few emo girls! This Brazilian beau is good at being in tune with his emotions, but he will have to start taking notes if he’s serious about changing his ways! He can read music and women very well, but with Lana’s help, will Joao stop playing around and turn over a new leaf?”


The 21-year-old actor and model is from California. As per Netflix’s introduction, “Since surfer Jordan had a glow-up, he hasn’t slowed down, so let’s hope Lana is ready! Being direct and flashing his Oscar-worthy smile has worked well in the past, so the girls will likely find him hard to resist. Will this golden-haired boy be tempted to show Lana that blondes have more fun, or will he be waving goodbye to falling hard and fast for the wrong reasons?”


Katherine is a model from Los Angeles. The 28-year-old “is swapping the playground of LA for Lana’s retreat, but she won’t get away with treating it like her usual stomping ground! As the outspoken one in her friendship group, she’s used to being the loudest and fiercest person in the room, but will Lana be able to help Katherine shed this tough exterior? Will Katherine become an angel after Lana gets to work, or will she run for the Hollywood Hills?”


The Canadian-based entrepreneur “hasn’t settled down before, but is the retreat about to work some magic and break this spell? As a lover of travelling, Kylisha has been known to ‘catch flights and not feelings’ and jet off on holiday instead of confronting her problems with guys. But this summer, she’s jetting into Lana’s domain.”


The 28-year-old London townie is a VIP hostess, and Lucy “is ready to make her mark as a VIP in Lana’s retreat. Beautiful? Tick. Bubbly Tick. Boy-wild? Tick! I hope someone’s warned Lana that no amount of money is going to stop Lucy from breaking the rules and having fun. Having worked in bars from London to Mykonos, Lucy is no stranger to being around other hotties, so our talking cone will need to keep her eyes and ears peeled!”


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