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New West Bengal Govt. project: Get card today, earn 12500 rupees annually!

The relationship between the West Bengal government and the central government in the glass industry is nothing new today. It has been going on for the past several years. Various complaints have been raised from both sides, sometimes the center has targeted the state and sometimes the state has targeted the center. And because of this, our people are having problems. Basically they are deprived from various opportunities. But this time it is going to be solved to some extent.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the tussle between the state and central governments is a 100-day affair. There was little discussion about this on both sides. The Chief Minister himself complained that the Center has withheld money for 100 days of work. The Center came to clear it, they said that this happened because of the non-accounting of the money. The new project is announced just as the 100-day work is being pushed.

West Bengal Govt. project

Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, various administrative meetings and state budget announcements by the state government, about the Karmasree scheme. Work on this also started. The state government has generated 38,000 job cards for this project till June 7. Besides, the target is to make 75 lakh job cards in the current financial year. And the state government will give at least 50 days work to everyone from here. 50 days of work is certain.

Job card holders of Bengal will get 250 rupees per day of work for 100 days of work. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of the state, claimed that the money would be available at the rate that would have been earned by working for 100 days. However, the state government has not yet announced when and how much money will be paid. However, job card holders will go with a guarantee of at least RS. 12,500.


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