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State Government Announces Increase to 4200 Rupees per Month for Women from Lakshmi Bhandar

Last week the results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 were announced. However, in this result, the storm of Gerua Shibir all over the country seemed to fade a little.

Meanwhile, BJP could not topple Trinamool, the ruling party in Bengal. Meanwhile, assembly elections were held in some states along with the Lok Sabha elections. Similarly, BJP did well in Odisha assembly elections. For the first time, Mohan Charan Majhi took oath as the new Chief Minister replacing Naveen Patnaik.

Last Wednesday Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi took oath along with 15 ministers. And after taking the oath, this government is taking exemplary steps one after another. It is learned that four entrances to the Jagannath temple were closed during Covid. At that time only entry was allowed through the main gate. But even though the covid episode is over, the rest of the doors have not been opened. Now Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi started preparing to open all those closed doors.

The new chief minister of Odisha directly in the press conference

While talking about this in a press conference, the new chief minister of Odisha said, ‘In the first cabinet meeting after the formation of the government, we have taken four important decisions. The four entrances to the Jagannath temple have been closed for the past few years. The BJP promised to open it in its election manifesto. Therefore, keeping in mind the wishes and passions of four and a half crore Oriyas, we have decided that the Council of Ministers will visit the temple and the four entrances will be opened in the presence of the Government.’ Not only that, on this day he announced some other new steps of the new government.

According to the second Cabinet decision, the Mohan Charan government has announced the creation of a fund of Rs 500 crore for conservation, management and development of temples. Besides, the BJP had promised Rs 3100 as the minimum support price of paddy in its manifesto before the elections. This time, accordingly, the cabinet has approved the new ‘Samriddha Krishak’ scheme to pay farmers Rs 3100 per quintal of paddy. It is known that the concerned department will publish urgent guidelines in this regard very soon. And the government will implement the project within 100 days, said the Chief Minister.

New initiatives for women

On the other hand, the government is going to launch a new project to make women financially independent and ensure their future as self-reliant women. And that is ‘Subhadra Yojana’. Through this, each woman will be given a cash voucher of Rs. 50,000. According to that commitment, the concerned department has been directed to prepare government guidelines and detailed framework. These new measures are going to be implemented soon. It is known that the newly elected government of Odisha will give 4200 rupees per month to make women self-reliant and do business.


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