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State Government’s Announcement: 10,000 Eleventh Graders to Receive Scholarships, 60,000 Graduates Eligible for Financial Aid!

Whether it is the state government or the central government, one project after another has been encouraging and helping the girls of the country to become self-reliant by teaching them education. Similarly, Bengal’s Kanyashree project has come forward to encourage girls in West Bengal. More than 100,000 female students have benefited from this scheme. Therefore, this project has been praised in the court of the world.

Recently, keeping in view the benefits of the scheme, the state government has brought another interesting scheme to the public for girls to build their future and become self-reliant. But it is good to say that the benefit of this project is not the girls of West Bengal, but the female students of Assam. Last Wednesday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma announced this project through a press conference. The government is going to take this step mainly to prevent child marriage. The name of the project is ‘Chief Minister Niyut Maina’. In the first step, about 1 million girls will be included in this scheme.

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Great initiative of the government to shape the future of girls

According to the press conference of this day, money will be given as monthly stipend to female students. A total of 1500 crore rupees has been allocated for this project. Students from class XI to post graduation will be brought under this scheme. 1,000 taka per month will be given to students of class 11-12, 1,250 taka to college students and 2,500 taka per month to postgraduate students. Chief Minister Himanta said that about 10 lakh girl students of Assam will benefit through this project.

That is, if the statistics are calculated, it appears that if a girl enrolls in class 11, she will get 20,000 rupees till the end of class 12. On the other hand, a total of 45,000 rupees will be paid if you take a three-year graduation course. And 60,000 rupees will be given for two years post graduation or B.Ed course. In other words, students can get a total of 1.25 lakh rupees.

Who is ineligible for this project?

  • Daughters of state ministers and MLAs cannot apply for this scheme.
  • Students who get other facilities provided by the government will not get the money under this scheme.

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