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Suella Braverman slams Sunak’s ‘idiotic strategy,’ blames ‘insane political correctness’ for party’s loss

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman launched a scathing attack against her peers after the Conservative Party’s embarrassing defeat in the 2024 UK General Elections. While criticising the party’s performance, Braverman slammed her ex-boss, former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for pursuing an “idiotic strategy”.

She went on to accuse, Sunak of treating voters like “mugs”. The former home Secretary said that her party “failed in office and deserved this result”. The provocative comments were made by Braverman in her article for The Sunday Telegraph.

She called it the party’s worst-ever defeat and attributed it to an “idiotic strategy of intermittently and inconsistently making ‘Tory Right’ noises which disintegrated when set against our liberal Conservative record”.

“I say again, whatever some of my colleagues think, the voters aren’t mugs: they saw what we did in office and ignored what we insincerely said while campaigning,” she furthered.

Suella Braverman

Braverman blames ‘insane political correctness’ to Tories’ loss

While the former home secretary retained her seat of Fareham and Waterlooville, she blamed “high taxes” and “high immigration” as well as “insane political correctness” for the Conservatives’ loss. “The problem wasn’t people like me and David Frost warning about the mistakes being made, it was the mistakes!” she wrote.

However, in the article, Braverman did not mention whether she would launch her bid for the Conservative Party’s leadership after Sunak made it clear that he wouldn’t run for the post again. Other Tory MPs who are expected to launch leadership campaigns include former security minister Tom Tugendhat, former immigration minister Robert Jenrick, former business secretary Kemi Badenoch and former home secretary Dame Priti Patel.

In the article, Braverman suggested that Conservatives needed to “overhaul our party organisation so that MPs listen to members”. “We must not entertain any talk of removing the grassroots from a leadership election,” she said.

“They did not give us the leader who lost two-thirds of my colleagues their seats. We MPs did that,” Braverman added, referring to the fact that the party effectively crowned Sunak to be the Tory leader after former PM Liz Truss’ downfall.

Braverman also garnered eyeballs after she suggested that Tories must leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and scrap the Human Rights Act to facilitate a crackdown on migration as well as “fix Labour’s Equality Act”. She also reacted to Reform Party leader Nigel Farage’s win.

“Nigel Farage is in the Commons now. He has no record in office to defend. He can just say the right things. But we have to do them. It’s long past time that we started,” she concluded.


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