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Top 12 Hottest Bengali Adult Movies

Are you looking for Top Hottest Bengali Adult Movies to watch with your partner or alone? Then you are in the right place. Today, I will list the top 12 Bengali movies filled with sexual, erotic, sensual, suspense, and romance.

Bengali adult movies are always a hot topic in our country. Many Bengali movies that do not have old-school content are released. Some Bengali directors do not make maas masala movies. Instead, they make a movie on an actual taboo topic in India. Many movies in the Bengali film industry are filled with sensuality, lust, and romantic scenes. Without further delay, below is the list of the top hottest Bengali adult movies list, which you can watch alone, or if you have a partner, you can also watch with them.

Top 12 Hottest Bengali Adult Movies (June 2024)

Below, I share my top 12 picks of the hottest Bengali adult movies, easily available on OTT platforms. Some of these movies are also available in Hindi dubbed versions. One thing to keep in mind is that don’t watch these movies with your family members; it will be awkward for you.

1. Cosmic Sex (2015)

Cosmic Sex is one of the hottest movies released in the Bengali film industry. The movie is directed by Amitabh Chakraborty and starring Rii Sen and Ayushman Mitra in the lead role. Cosmic Sex is the story of Kripa, who meets Sadhvi in an ashram. Sadhvi teaches the art of Dehotatva (worshiping God through one’s body) to the kripa. She also teaches him how he can become spiritual with the help of self-love.

CastRii SenAyushman Mitra
DirectorAmitabh Chakraborty
IMDB Rating4.0

2. Chhip Suto Char (2016)

Chhip Suto Char is a Romance Drama movie directed by Susanta Saha. The movie is based on three childhood friends: Suman, a flopped director, Joy, a depressed person, and Pratik, Joy’s business partner. Suman makes a plan to use Joy’s money and make the movie. They started taking secret interviews with many girls and found Richa, Sush, Koyel, Lucky, and Rimjhiim for the movie. But after some time, the dark truth emerges that they use these girls for sexual pleasure.

The Chhip Suto Char movie shows the real face of the showbiz industry. What girls have to sacrifice for becoming an actor or a model.

CastJoy Bhattacharjee
Gaurav Ghoshal
Debolina Biswas
Kakon Gourav
Ghoshal Deblina
Mou Vaidya
Sharmistha Joy
Gaurav Ghosal
DirectorSusanta Saha
IMDB Rating7.0

3. Take One (2014)

Take One is another controversial romance drama movie from the Bengali film industry. Mainak Bhaumik directs the movie and stars Swastika Mukherjee, Rahul Banerjee, and Vikramjit Chaudhury.

The movie is the story of an Indian actress, Doel Mitra, who acts in an international film where she is given a nudity scene. When the clip of her frontal nudity scene was leaked on the Indian market, she faced criticism for his acting. When the scandal is running, she is doing a mythological dram movie in which she plays the role of Sita.

CastSwastika Mukherjee
Rahul Banerjee
Vikramjit Chaudhury
DirectorMainak Bhaumik
IMDB Rating5.0

4. Chatrak (2001)

Chatrak is a Mystery Drama Movie directed by Vimukthi Jayasundara, starring Sudeep Mukherjee, Paoli Dam, and Sumeet Thakur. This is the story of a Bengali architect, Rahul, working in Dubai. Rahul has a girlfriend who loves him so much that she has been waiting for him for many years. Finally, Rahul comes back from Dubai and goes to his village. He hears rumors about his estranged brother living in the forest and eating vegetables.

CastSudeep Mukherjee
Paoli Dam
Sumeet Thakur
DirectorVimukthi Jayasundara
IMDB Rating4.0

5. Bishh (2009)

Bishh is a crime drama thriller movie from the Bengali film industry—this movie starring Mallika Mazumdar, Mahtim Munna, and Rituparna, Directed by Quashiq Mukherjee. Bishh is the story of three college friends who are fed up with the men who are present in their lives. All three women take charge of their fate.

CastMallika Mazumdar
Mahtim Munna
Rituparna Sen
DirectorQaushiq Mukherjee
IMDB Rating3.2

6. Bibar (2006)

Bibar is another crime drama romance movie from the Bengali film industry—the movie starring Rita Bhimani, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, and Biswajit Chakraborty, directed by Subrata Sen. Bibar is the story of Biresh who is the loan inspector and started loving the woman name Nita. One day, Biresh discovered that Nita was having an intimate relationship with one of his clients. After knowing this truth, Biresh killed Nita.

CastRita Bhimani
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty
Biswajit Chakraborty
DirectorSubrata Sen
IMDB Rating6.4

7. Nagarkirtan (2019)

Nagrakirtan is a Romantic Drama directed by Kaushik Ganguly, starring Riddhi Sen, Ritwick Chakraborty, Indrashish Roy, and Bidipta Chakraborty. Nagarkirtan is the story of Parimal, who is transgender, who starts loving the guy Madhu who is a flute player.

The movie is about the rising real topic like same-sex, sex reassigns surgery, and the hatted behavior of society regarding transgenders. This movie is an eye-opener for every person in India who hatted transgenders.

CastRiddhi Sen
Ritwick Chakraborty
Indrashish Roy
Bidipta Chakraborty
DirectorKaushik Ganguly
IMDB Rating8.6

8. Rajkahini (2015)

Rajkahini is Historical Drama Movies from the director Srijit Mukherjee, starring Rituparna Sengupta, Lily Chakravarty and Parno Mittra. This is the story of a brothel owned by Lady Begum Jaan. 1947, a partition started in Bengali, and this brothel was between India and Pakistan. The British government tried to destroy the Begam Jaan brothel.

Rajkahini is also made in Bollywood with the name of Begam Jaan. In that movie, Vidhya Balan played the lead role of Begam Jaan.

CastRituparna Sengupta
Lily Chakravarty
Parno Mittra
DirectorSrijit Mukherjee
IMDB Rating7.2

9. Taan (2014)

Taan is a Mystery Drama directed by Mukul Roy Chowdhury, starring Rituparna Sengupta, Debolina Dutta, Chandan Sen, Kaushik Sen, and Rajesh Sharma. This is the story from Sundarbans, where one nature photographer goes missing. His Friend Lisa tries to find him in the Sundarbans Jungles, and then she discovers the truth of Sundarbans. Lisa finds out that the Jolbeshiya village girl forcefully goes into the water prostitution.

CastRituparna Sengupta
Debolina Dutta
Chandan Sen
Kaushik Sen
Rajesh Sharma
DirectorMukul Roy Chowdhury
IMDB Rating5.1

10. Parnomochi (2018)

Parnomochi is a Crime Drama Movie from the Bengali film industry starring Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Anindya Pulak, and Ankita Chakraborty in lead roles. Parnomochi is the story of a teenage boy with porn addiction and how this addiction affects the teenage boy’s life shown in the film. The film shows how access to pornographic content impacts our lives.

CastRwitobroto Mukherjee
Anindya Pulak Banerjee
Ankita Chakraborty
DirectorKoushik Kar
IMDB Rating6.1

11. Khawto

Khawto is a romance thriller movie by director Kamleshwar Mukherjee—the movie stars Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raima Sen, and Paoli Dam. The plot revolves around the Bengali novelist who is writing his second novel. To write his next novel, he goes to Silent Hill to live peacefully, but a couple who run from their house want help from the Novelist.

CastProsenjit Chatterjee
Raima Sen
Paoli Dam
DirectorKamleswar Mukherjee
IMDB Rating6.4

12. Arekti Premer Golpo

Arekti Premer Golpo is another adult hot movie from the Bengali industry—the movie starring Rituparno Ghosh, Chapal Bhaduri, and Indraniel Sengupta in the lead roles. The plotline revolves around Abhiroop Sen, a transgender filmmaker traveling to Kolkata to make a documentary movie with his partner. As they arrive in Kolkata, Abhiroop faces gender discrimination and emotional stress because of her gender.

CastRituparno Ghosh
Chapal Bhaduri
Indraneil Sengupta
DirectorKaushik GangulyRituparno Ghosh
IMDB Rating6.9


These are my top 12 recommendations for Bengali Adult films, which you can watch online. I hope you like my list. Please comment below if you have any other movie names not included in the list above. You can use my telegram channel for these types of recommendations.


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