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Celebrity shower secrets – flashing builder, tasty treats and ‘peeing is really good’

Famous faces also have to keep themselves clean, but this does not mean that they shy away from letting their fans know exactly what they get up to in the shower

As celebrities, many famous faces indulge in many of life’s pleasures, including parties, lavish holidays and shopping sprees.

However, much like the rest of us, celebrities also need to keep themselves clean, and this is the way they revel in their own privacy. However, many celebrities like to show off their bathroom rituals.

But for many of our favourite famous faces, some of their penchants include rather disgusting habits that many of us would never think of doing. This means that we get to find a level of intimacy with celebrities that might not have always wanted to know.

So, as more celebrities let us in on their bathroom routine, Daily Star looks at some celebrities’ shower secrets.

Tasty treats

Hollywood icon Jessica Biel left fans bemused when she revealed that she loves to tuck into a meal whilst she is in the shower. She also appealed to her fans to try it out, in the hopes her strange ritual would catch on.

Biel, 42, admitted in December 2023 that she likes to have a snack as she washes herself. She also said that she even goes as far as to have a sip of coffee as she gets herself ready.

Reflecting on the situation, Biel admitted on a Tiktok posted recently that her shower ritual was the main secret to her success. Jessica also addressed her fans directly and urged them to try her routine out.

Speaking to her fanbase, Biel explained: “I’m just so thrilled everyone is so interested, I really want to start a movement, a shower-eating movement.” She added that to maximise the multitasking, it is easier to have a ledge in the shower to neatly place the food and make sure it is not soaked.

Naked encounter

In 2018, a builder got more than an eyeful when Myleene Klass accidentally flashed him as she came out of the shower. The I’m A Celebrity winner had been cleaning herself when her daughter came in asking for the dry shampoo.

Klass, 46, jumped out of the shower to help her daughter, but in so doing, she ran into the builder that had been let in by the Hear*Say singer’s boyfriend. Mortified, Myleene showed off all her bits to the contractor, leaving the radio presenter feeling like her “face was on fire”.

“We basically, in front of my daughter, ran straight into each other. I was absolutely mortified,” she recalled. However, the builder was less than caring on the situation, joking on Twitter that he was “a hero down the pub” for his accidental run-in.

‘Peeing is really good’

Pop legend Madonna is known for being a provocateur, shocking everyone with her oversharing and openness. However, even at the height of her fame, she was still able to have fans stunned with her confessions.

Speaking to American chat show host David Letterman in 1994, Madonna admitted that she likes to double up the use of her showers, as she likes to pee whilst she is cleaning herself. As part of the bizarre admission she insisted “it is good” to urinate in the shower.

Despite the laughter of the audience, she explained: “”No I’m serious, seriously, peeing in the shower is really good. It fights the athlete’s foot.

“Urine is like an antiseptic, it’s all got to do with the enzymes in your body,” she continued. A witty Letterman responded: “Don’t you know a good pharmacist?”

Sexy slip-up

Heart Radio listeners got more than they bargained for when Breakfast Show host Amanda Holden revealed she and her husband Chris Hughes like to get frisky in the shower.

In a conversation with her co-host Jamie Theakston, the Britian’s Got Talent judgesaid she gets in the shower, then usually turns around. “So, you’re facing towards the shower to begin with?” Jamie asked, leaving her to inappropriately add: “But only for sex…like…”

Amanda leapt to correct herself, saying she meant to say “seconds” to which Jamie cheekily responded “that’s another discussion for another day!” as the pair giggled.



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