‘I’m ( Eila Adams ) a Naked News presenter – going nude at work is key to having great sex’

EXCLUSIVE: Eila Adams is one of the iconic content creators who hosts the Naked News channel. Now she revealed what it’s truly like getting your kit off for thousands of viewers

Not everyone can strip off for work and feel confident about it.

But one content creator revealed how getting her kit off to read the news helps her in bed. Eila Adams is one of the hosts on the Naked News channel.

The explicit programme features nude female presenters reading news bulletins either fully naked or disrobe as they present a variety of segments – from sports to food.

Now in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, glamour model Eila revealed how the Canadian entertainment programme boosted her sex life.

Eila said: “Of course being comfortable when naked is key to having great sex. The only thing I should do more of is dress up in lingerie for my man.

“But to me, lingerie is ‘work clothes’. I should have lingerie that I just wear at home and not work, right? There are days though where I don’t feel like getting naked!

“And when you’re a professional, you do what you gotta do. I have to say that being naked on camera everyday also keeps you in check with your diet and fitness regimen.”

The beauty got into the Naked News line-up when she auditioned for the show in 2009. She had done some nude modelling and acting gigs, so thought it seemed fun.

She revealed: “I had just graduated college. I didn’t go to school for journalism, I actually went to school for fashion management and wanted to be a buyer.

“After auditioning, I was offered a salaried position with benefits, how could I say no to that at 21? And here I am on the show 15 years later!”

Currently based in Toronto, the bubbly blonde entertainer grew up in a small town with big city dreams. Now a full-time content creator, Eila is really shooting for the stars.

And there isn’t a day that goes by where nothing happens behind the set of Naked News. According to Eila, there’s “always something fun going on”.

She admitted: “Obviously expect to see girls running around naked, grabbing their scripts. We usually have some office doggies running around too.

“I know I love bringing my dog Jackson in! Our camera guys love to scare us, so lots of jump scares happening (don’t worry, I’ve gotten them back once or twice).

“Sometimes when a package gets delivered, we’ll answer the door in lingerie or naked just for a thrill. We love to have visitors! It’s an all around great work environment, lots of laughs and silliness.”

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